The Book

I am writing one! It's a crazy thing to do! It takes a long time! But I'm doing it....and Random House is publishing it. There will be snippets and details here soon, but here's a sneak peek: it is a nonfiction work about a woman's life (and the lives of those around her) that touches on, among other things: female strivers and hustlers, history, old Hollywood, bald ambition, literary wunderkinds, starry-eyed dreamers, jilted lovers, powder blue suits, gossip columns, orphanage food, soda fountains, cockfights, secret backgrounds, film lot moguls, bestselling tell-alls, the hunger for fame, the tragedy of success, and well, much, much more.  

I am currently a research fellow in the Frederick Lewis Allen Room in the NYPL, where I spend a lot of time shivering in archives and wishing I'd brought a sweater.