i asked a random smattering of my friends about their new year’s resolutions. their answers are below. feel free to add your own.

-stop wasting time on stupid dudes-enter the golden gloves boxing tournament-stop smoking (kind of)-write more-same every year: more gym. boring, i know-as it is every year, to floss!…and to eat breakfast-i have many big concept things, i just haven’t pinned them down-i think i have to give up shopping for like 6 months or something. major credit card debt-be able to do a full split-i’d like to become more of an intellectual-finally break up with [redacted]. been meaning to do that one forevs-take part in the political process-i want to go more new places, see more art/theater, read more (if possible) and think bigger. maybe go to first fridays at the guggenheim?-get a book deal-read less gossip blogs, more classic nineteenth century novels- i traditionally don’t really “do resolutions”-lose 20 lbs-watch less porn. at least at work-take one great, life-changing trip-sleep with at least one person (that I haven’t met yet)-strive for happiness.