zachklein: I’m looking for an extraordinary place in NYC to hang out with a friend and brainstorm. Any ideas? I hope Fred Wilson has a recommendation.
ericlodwick:I want to build a situation room.

What I’d really like to have is a clubhouse, but not one with a “no boyz allowed” sign or anything like that. Instead, it would just be a self-selective, charming sort of place with art on the walls and good things to drink and eat, full of people I might want to talk to. There might be a few studios in the back for making music and/or art. There might also be a more formal place to sit around and hash out a new business idea, all over the walls if necessary. It would be open all night long, and if you wanted to sleep there, you wouldn’t be alone. Funny how something so simple can sound a little like a utopian vision.

But for now, I like meeting people at Epistrophy on Mott between Kenmare and Spring. Hope that helps!