could opera become cool (again)?

in case anyone didn’t know this about me, my real passion is for the arts. i am a patron and a cultural junkie in every way. one project i am currently pursuing is helping arts organizations navigate web 2.0. not easy when most leaders of cultural institutions still have their e-mail read to them in the mornings. but the recent upgrade at the met is making giving me a lot of hope:

[Peter Gelb, the new director, wants to “lift the veil of formality” of the Met. And he has done so by offering more engagement experiences to the audience through multiple platforms of delivery and content. They developed collateral resources like video clips, behind-the-scenes docu-portraits, and blogging 3-weeks leading up to a performance and then funneled these new media through different editorial avenues. They approached their website more as a magazine than a static online presence. They held open houses for the new season and people camped out overnight to get the first tickets. They streamed performances live in Times Square and in movie theatres around the country. Met LIVE HD shows operated in conjunction with local radio stations, which in turn offered call-ins, critiques and promotions around the opera experience. They also have a channel on Sirius satellite radio.]

[via artsblog]