five facts about me

1. I am passionate about almost everything I get involved in, sometimes to a fault. I am that person that has one too many interests and it’s led me to constantly wonder if I should be taking another path. I’m working on that.

2. I love being in school more than the average person. Some of my favorite memories involve classrooms. And yet, I haven’t been back to class in a few years. Thinking I should go.

3. I am from the mountains and yet have always told myself I was more of a city person. Turns out, I need fresh air and stars to function well.

4. I pretend to love healthy food, but when it comes to cereals, the worse for me, the better. If there was a box labeled “Neon Sugar Marshmallow Honey Frosted Smacks,” you know I’d be hitting that.

5. If someone told me that I could drop everything tomorrow and take a cross-country trip for a month, I would do it.

(from a big chain of these started by sarazucker):