Ohhai Tumblr. I am back. As Larry McMurtry/E. Annie Proulx might write, and close-minded college boys might repeat over and over in moments of weakness, I wish I could quit you sometimes. But really, why start now?

Hello, 2009! I am 25 years old. This last year was, without a doubt, the most intense and tumultuous and frenetic and euphoric I’ve ever had. This year has some major catching up to do, already. And I’m not just speaking in terms of this year in the world, which, even in the giant sea change that is history, still will probably go down as one of those turning points remembered for ALL OF TIME (hurricanes/obama/missing children/economic fuckery/gaza/cholera/moose burgers/the return of disco/the return of lagerfeld/bankrupt nations/bankrupt ponzi schemes/peace out paul newman/yves st. laurent/heath/cyd charisse/everyone/madonna’s dalliances/britney’s sanity/jon hamm’s ass/t.swift’s gold records/pirate ships/psychotic dungeon dads/rachel maddow’s goofy post-joke grin/tina fey’s goofy post-joke book advance/heartbroken rappers/rappers breaking hearts/mumbai/dubai/warren jeffs and shoulder pads), but you know, as all eventually returns to the self, it was for me, one of those years that makes or breaks you, usually both at once. I fell out of love and back in it, I lost something important on purpose; later got back something even better. Changed jobs, neighborhoods, lovers, styles, toothpaste brands. Made full transition from print to the web, was a cliché. Watched too many old movies and drank too much, took the right amount of risks, which is never enough. Have been immortalized in songs and photoshopped cards, have done my part to commemorate others. Feel like a real grownup, and fortunately, sometimes also like I am still thirteen. Decided to be happy. Discovered that the method actually works.

So after all that, 2009, you have your work cut out for you.

And in turn, I have decided to work on this site again. I am going to be posting five things a day that I really love, that are worth paying attention to, and the rest will be buttercream on top. This year is one where we need beauty and innovation and smart people and new ideas more than ever. I am going to try to seek a few of those things out, and pay it forward where applicable.

Here we go.