I became the ewe lamb for a group of lively wolves that included an equerry to the Prince of Wales and one of his friends, a rich fiftyish baronet, Sir Richard, who wanted to fulfill my childhood dream by adopting me. It was too late for that, which was fortunate, as he proved to be a masochist. One day after an exquisitely cooked luncheon in his elegant home in Belgravia, he suddenly bared his chest and excitedly asked me to pinch his nipples — “hard.” It was my first experience with this sort of thing, and I was shocked. I hesitantly touched one of Sir Richard’s nipples. “Harder,’ he begged. I made an excuse about a “rehearsal” and fled.
— You should all really read Sheilah Graham’s College of One, which will be re-issued by Melville House in May (Or you know, my book that touches on her life w/Fitzgerald when it comes out in EONS). This is far from the most awkward thing that happens in it. FAR FROM IT.