i was disappointed that it didn’t work out for me there. i fought hard to try to be comfortable there but i ended up paying deeply for all the disasters, both financially and emotionally. my close friend recommended that i read julia child’s my life in france which i started/finished on the flight over here. (im in the frankfurt airport now :) anyways the book is about how she fell in love with french and found her lifes passion (late in life (late 30s!!!) in cooking. it is nice to feel the energy and zeal she felt from being in a place that she loved with many people that she loved doing what she loved. new york was never a place where i was full of that kind of love and energy, i grew bitter and apathetic because i never felt comfortable there and i wasn’t as inspired as i wanted to be. the lack of landscape was very draining for me. there are not enough trees for me in new york, also the species of trees are so boring. the city parks are so boring. the deciduous forest is so boring. it is the same 3 trees over and over, and sort of low compact forests and you cannot see more than 5 ft. i went outside of new york only a little but it was unimpressive. i feel so inspired when i get to drive around california, everything is so vast and so many beautiful and different landscapes. berlin is so green, there are so many trees. there are lots of huge cool secluded parks and a short train outside the city and you are in real nature with lakes and wildflowers and hikes. it’s hard not living by the ocean but i am excited to check out the south of germany as well. this answer got out of control so in short i suggest you move somewhere that is inspiring with lots of friends and cool landscapes, wherever that happens to be for U

I’ve been more than a little interested in Internet-artist Petra Cortright lately, and here is her “Goodbye to All That” moment, as quoted in Whose Fault Is That? And below, her latest YouTube work.