Impact of industrialism on the production of music

    Now as the technology and information age sweeps over the world’s industrial societies, what effects will shape music and all art? […]In the near future, will audio and video always be linked, given that our portable devices are capable of playing both at once? If so, how will the need for a visual companion influence the music itself? Just wondering.

You and me both. I think this is a more pressing question still for cultural mediums that don’t translate well to the internet, and whose impact we have yet to see in this space. We’ve seen the distortion of images and songs, flown through web channels like seeds on a bird’s back, pollenating blogs and streams without context or anchors. And we’ve seen the amazing products of web travel as well, how become linked together, birth new ideas, spark connections, become new forms in their own right.

But what about sculpture, theater, the opera, a gallery installation, or even the symphony orchestra? What happens to those forms online? Will there be cultural output that is destined to always live in the physical realm only (to be expressed in its best form), and if that’s the case, will it become irrelevant or treasured for its tangibility in a digital world?