Last night I went to see best buds and fave Brooklyn two-drum outfit the White Rabbits play a headlining show at Bowery with the Harlem Shakes and the Subjects—two of NYC’s best clans of native sons making Beach Boys-esque rock. Such a good show; kind of made me believe in jams again. At the end of the Rabbits’ set, all three bands and several fans jumped on stage in a giant frenzy of maracas and cymbals and group percussion. Someone was wearing a bunny outfit, another was without pants. It was a kind of abandon that made me think downtown might still have a little juice left in it after all. The Shakes did a killer cover of MGMT’s “Kids”, which in its own right has become a new favorite song of mine. It’s over 5mb, so I’ve posted a click through to the mp3. It’s soft dance; a little neon light pulsing from deep inside a chest.

[the management does not like shirts, apparently]