New York Photo Festival (Dumbo)

I had the lucky opportunity to take an early tour of the four main pavilions of this thing yesterday, and seriously, if you are in NYC (or nearby), don’t sleep on it. It’s the first ever and will just get bigger from here on out, but this year’s exhibitions are really focused and curated by the greats. I was especially into Martin Parr's curated show, “New Typologies,” which includes the likes of the UK’s Sarah Pickering (whose photos of controlled explosions, below, are like well-planned paintings). The gallery walls are made from sustainable bamboo, the photographers have flown in from all over the world to speak and interact, and there are affordable pieces everywhere. If you are even entertaining the smallest thought of buying some art, you can do it here on any budget.

It starts today, officially, and will go through the weekend. Again, GO! I know I sound like I work in marketing for this, but really, I just think its exciting to have a new art fair in New York, and one devoted to this particular medium.