On Sw!pe’s back cover is a copy of a letter written to The New York Times in 1915, talking about the “unnecessary cruelty” of making museum guards stand for hours during the day. It’s something you don’t usually notice when you visit a museum, but it will be hard for anyone, after looking at this art and this journal, not to notice it from now on.
— Ok so I love this. The guards at the Metropolitan Museum of Art have banded together with other city guards to make an art and literature review. A beautiful, $20 hard-stock MAGAZINE, in these times, penned and edited by people who get varicose veins and knob-knees at the expense of making sure the tourists don’t run off with the Twomblys. There is hope in publishing after all! Or really, just in museum guards with axes to grind, and either way I am having it. The rage is palpable and it seems to make for good art: “Sometimes you feel such hate,” a ladyguard told NPR about museum visitors. “At the same time, you sometimes feel an attraction to certain people. It is a character study, it is a sociological study.” Hear that? They don’t like you, and they are going to write about it. FOR REAL NOW.