Overheard, Midday, Theatre District

Two septuagenarian women, in ermine, velvet, and Easy Spirits. Yiddishe accents. Eyeliner in all the wrong places.

Woman 1: So we are getting breakfast uptown and Ira asks me what kind of muffin I want to go with my coffee.
Woman 2: He didn’t know?
Woman 1: He didn’t know! I say, Ira, 45 years we’ve been married and you don’t know what kinds of muffins I eat? He’s more fertummelt day by day.
Woman 2: So?
Woman 1: He brought me a corn muffin. A case full of muffins and the one I don’t eat, he brings me. I said, Ira, after 45 years you don’t know me at all. At ALL.
Woman 2: (solemn nod)

Hardened Jewsy biddies are my favorite kind of New York biddy.