Places I Would Have Liked To Have Been, Recently-in-London Edition

[Inter-city competition aside, the ultimate goal was to impress one’s host, the impeccably groomed “agitator of the absurd” and cad-about-town, David Piper. Those who brought the most bizarre bits were invited to a dinner party held inside a fully restored late-19th century railway carriage, an intimate space stacked with curio and unfathomable steam-powered devices. Drinks were served by a delightfully named gin-master, Louis Xavier Lewis-Smith, and the banquet was created by Bombas and Parr, famed jelly mongers, who say their next project will be the Architectural Punch Bowl, a punch bowl so large you can row a boat across it. Between courses Piper regaled guests with his sparkling innuendo, poetry (on roses and cucumbers), and his table-top tickle machine.Sugared rose petals, quails (and their eggs, with chilli and 24-carat gold) followed by cucumber and Bergamot ice cream (served with gin-jelly) made up the more restrained courses of the feast.]

Note to self: Befriend a “cad-about-town.” [via More Intelligent Life]