Psychology Today Has Given Us All Permission to Be More "Intense"

But this research also means that we can feel fine about connecting our way, opting for deep conversation over cheery chit-chat. The next time someone accuses you of being “too intense,” skip any shame that person is trying to lay on you. Discussing the weather doesn’t do much for us, discussing the state of the world is better in every way. We thought so, and now the research backs us up.

Psychology Today reports on a major study that shows that the average person who has “substantive conversation” on a daily basis is more down with the world than one who merely engages in water cooler-type talk. This makes a fair amount of sense, in the same way that say, breath or lasagna makes sense. Fork, mouth. But after this neverending winter, I kind of feel like the weather has become a viable form of substantive conversation. So perhaps all chit-chat and meatier talk shall merge into one, and a river will run through it. Or maybe just a little rivulet caused by city storms.