Saving the World's Women

[For our part, we like to think of aid as a kind of lubricant, a few drops of oil in the crankcase of the developing world, so that gears move freely again on their own. That is what the assistance to Tererai amounted to: a bit of help where and when it counts most, which often means focusing on women like her. And now Tererai is gliding along freely on her own — truly able to hold up half the sky.]

This NYT Mag piece about women’s rights in developing countries is long, unceasing, and ultimately a great read. Nicolas Kristoff and Sheryl WuDunn just won a peace prize for their work—asserting that women’s rights are the basis for economic growth and empowerment in almost every country. That taking women seriously is the key to all stimuli, both financial and in terms of peacemaking.

Please to read. Thanks.