The way I see it: blogging is easy; content is hard. As long as you create quality content, your choice of publishing platform is irrelevant.

Wise words from Bill Israel (via cameron)

Holla. I’ve been trying to get together my thoughts on tumblr based on the recent protests, but I think Bill put it best. For me, tumblr isn’t about randomly reblogging or saying “hey, I found this!” (which has merit in its own right), but culling together in different forms all the things that make up my view of the world and my “corner of the internet” (as dailymeh put it). This might include things that maybe other tumblrs aren’t thinking about, like non-profit arts organizations or scenes from a ballet or some random slice of NYC mythology (which I am admittedly obsessed with). It’s adding something to the conversation, I hope, rather than just more noise. That would be my wish for this project - it’s (obvs) a work in progress.