This is a great job for someone.

I do not live in L.A. and I do not know how to light a photograph to save my life, but if I happened to be the type of girl who met both qualifications, I would be sprinting to work with Lauren Greenfield. Her Girl series contains many of my very favorite photographs, she gets youth culture incredibly right, and her HBO documentary, Thin, is certainly the most honest/jarring look at eating disorder patients out there. Someone on a distant star has to be the right person for this, and I already envy your luck.

Lauren Greenfield seeks LA-based photo and video assistant/production associate. Assistant provides creative, lighting, and production support for photography/ film work on Lauren’s feature-length documentary, still photography production, book project. Must have B.A or equivalent, knowledge of still photography lighting and digital equipment (Canon), strong interpersonal and journalistic/research skills, production experience, proficiency with Photoshop and Final Cut Pro.  Submit resume, cover letter and references to Salary TBN, health benefits.