this is my lineage.

my little brother just ran for stanford tree. he did not win. good thing, because the contest to be college mascot is basically a fight to the death, including jackass stunts and public flagellation-things that continue into the tree’s reign. so college, that.

this is what the stanford daily had to say about his efforts:

Later in the lunch hour, Noah Syme ‘08 arrived in White Plaza on a surfboard towed behind a golf cart. A crowd of his supporters, armed with eggs and water balloons, formed a firing squad in front of the Birdcage. As Syme was towed by, the armed students pelted him with their fodder.“What time is it?” the candidate’s supporters chanted. “Syme Time!” they answered. A paintball gun-wielding student pumped several rounds into Syme, before the Tree candidate was doused with flour and given a shot of Tapatio, a hot sauce, after which he promptly vomited.”