Wet Hot Slippery Slope

That The Washingtonienne got picked up as an HBO pilot with SJP at the helm makes me think it’s going to move forward, which makes me think of this article (below) from NYM a couple years ago, which makes me think of this, ultimately. It’s a Rube Goldberg of vagina theory.

[“Cutler: They paid my rent, yeah. It’s not unusual. It’s common practice for guys to give you money, pay your rent, and buy you gifts. They just thought, She makes crap money. Twenty-five K? I still have that going on. I will probably be dating dickholes anyway, so I might as well be letting them pay my rent for me. If they offer, why not say yes?

It becomes clear that there is a schism at the table. Nersesian, Klein and I roll our eyes at Cutler because she offends our p.c. instincts, but Datskovsky and Bussel, on the other hand, nod emphatically—as though her brazenness is an act of rebellion itself. Cutler embodies today’s feminism lite: As long as you’re honest about your desires, no matter how morally vacuous, you’re “kick-ass” and “revolutionary.”] - Amy Sohn.