What my mom talks about when she talks about Spitzer, or a study in parental instant messaging.

Me:Have you been following the governor scandal? He spent something like $5000 a session.
Mom:I bet you could live in a nicer place if that was your line of work!
Mom:But really...stay away from governors and easy money.
Me:Will do.
Mom:Also Rach, did you hear about the hooker that made these beautiful lace doilies..I think that it is called tatting, where you knot with thread? Well, she wanted to get a breast augmentation to help her career but she didn't have the money to pay for it. Actually, all she had was the beautiful doilies..so she went to the plastic surgeon to see if he would give her a tit for a tat.
Me:worst joke i've ever heard
Me:and yet, somehow also the best
Mom:I made it up! Did it make you smile?