What my mother thinks of my life in NYC (or a study in what happens when you teach your family instant messenger).

Me:It wasn't the BEST day.
Mom:You know there aren't any bad days..it is always good to wake up each morning and see the sun....WORK SUCKS!!!!!!
Me:yeah i mean everything is so up in the air right now.
Mom:It is just your microcosm..look beyond. Be the eagle that soars over your life. Namaste. (ed note: I have to assume sarcasm here)
Me:Well right now i feel a little hedged in by my own microcosm
Mom:Well it is fiction or illusion..I live in NM and I see your world totally differently. Do what makes you excited to get up in the morning.
Me:so how do you see my world?
Mom:I see that people in NYC believe that they are in the epicenter. But I think that all of the US is deluded. The energy in the world lies in Asia. (ed note: mom just went to china and is obsessed with asia now).
Me:youre probably right about that
Me:were all just little rats running on our own wheels
Mom:It is odd that you use that analogy...I wrote that I see New Yorkers somewhat like hamsters on a wheel but I decided it was harsh and I deleted it.
Me:its not harsh unfortunately
Mom:Life is short. You need to breath and enjoy the world . You need to value the positive contributions of man (arts and letters) and help the suffering. You need to be able to live and support yourself but that is about it. Deadlines and stress and etc are unimportant unless they work toward something of value.
AND SCENE. (and btw...arts and letters? i love my mother.)