White Whine

Last month, my friend Adam and I were hanging out, swaddled in wool and fine linens after a gilded holiday party, and his berry suddenly stopped working. There was a moment of crisis, involving the words, ” Fuck everything, my new blackberry pearl won’t turn on. WHAT AM I GOING TO DO?” There was some cradling of electronics and near tears. Later that evening, the conversation turned to the way the women who do our respective laundry have started underperforming in the folding department.

Later yet, we realized we’re total assholes.

We were planning to create a satire about this called “bourgeoisie problems,” but Streeter has already filled said niche. White Wine is nothing if not endearing.

Fave: “I understand everyone is taking Christmas off, but you would think NPR wouldn’t run an ’All Things Considered’ that they ran LAST MONTH as holiday filler material.”