Why hello, 1985.

I wound up eating dinner at the Odeon last night (they actually make a pretty decent sea bass), with someone who was actually a regular there in the ’80s, back when it was a venerable “scene” of sorts. You’ve heard the glossy tales—Jay McInerney and bellettrist pals followed up on the heels of the art world and for a chunk of years, TriBeCa felt like the center of the universe. Last night, it was full of European tourists and scraggly locals looking for a respite from the cold. Funny how things change.

They have a beer on the menu called “Allagash,” and I noted that this was the last name of the WASPy, cad/partyboy character in Bright Lights, Big City. Not a coincidence. I also learned that the original Tad Allagash was none other than Grove/Atlantic publisher Morgan Entrekin, who was in his day “a troublemaker to rival the best.” 

I’d like my own (non-nostalgic) clubhouse for ruffians and the elegantly disheveled and a good hangar steak. Can we make it happen? Thanks.