chetgulland: “Lockdown: Raw” is full of rawness.

Oh man. Last night we watched what might be the most underrated and disturbing show on TV, MSNBC’s Lockdown:Raw.  It  follows the lives of really, really depraved inmates, and lets them explain their crimes in explicit detail. It’s like a real life Silence of the Lambs—there were cannibals, serial killers, and dudes so raw they took out multiple cellmates and wardens. And then…there was this guy, who has about 80 face tattoos. FACE TATTOOS. That’s basically like saying: hey, society, i’m peacing out forever.

Also, the commercials during Lockdown:Raw were all for the elderly, like the clapper and Ensure. Apparently, geriatrics are interested in murderers with a screw loose.