Yet another reason to love Diablo Cody and Ellen Page

Not to get all gushy womyn up in here, but I have the majorest girl crush to end all girl crushes on Diablo Cody and Ellen Page. Together, separately, separately together. I was talking the other day to my friend Jess who writes for Jezebel, and we both agreed that the talent and gumption of both women cannot be overstated (Jess then wrote a post about Diablo, who wrote her back!…), even though it has been said now about 8,000 times in the press, which is fawning over Juno in what seems like an excessive way.

But the truth is, there has not been a female character like Juno in YEARS (perhaps Molly Ringwald’s best John Hughes moments were similar in their own time), a girl who is actually real, hilarious, weird, dealing with her own shit with a sense of humor and awkwardness. She’s pretty from some angles, from others she’s not. She is an outcast in some ways, and in others she’s an expert socializer. She’s wry, and funny, and not afraid of dirty jokes or breaking down or going totally crazy for a day. It’s an amazing thing to see, but it really shouldn’t be, because that’s what most teen girls are like. We forget it because most of our cultural references are so one-dimensional, but more than groundbreaking, Juno as a movie is just plain accurate. And that’s why I am loving the hell out of these two, even if it’s been said a million times.

[photo via diablo’s excellently titled blog, the pussy ranch]