You know what comes up a lot? It always comes from an older woman. They ask me, “Why don’t younger women want to hear these stories? Aren’t you concerned about that?” It’s often phrased in a way that I have such sympathy for the younger woman. Like, we walked 50 miles and we couldn’t wear slacks. And you just don’t care! And partly, given the transformation that the world has made, the idea that right now a generation of young women has come into the world without thinking that they can be constrained by their gender—it’s such a neat idea. I’m perfectly happy to celebrate it. I know they have problems of their own, more complicated in some ways than ones my generation faced. I’m not inclined to beat my breast about whether young women know these stories. But they are really neat stories.
— Very much enjoying a) Doree’s interview with Gail Collins over on the Jez, and b) Gail Collins’ effusive use of “neat.”