Hello, I’m Rachel.

I am a writer, reporter, critic & editor living in NYC. I am available (as of this moment) to write for you. Say hello. 

As a writer, I publish reported features and essays about: culture, women, music, history, film, fashion, television, books, art, politics, New York, the Internet, celebrity, feminism, visual culture and whatever else crosses my path in a given week.  I have profiled: musicians, actors, comedians, magicians, writers, composers, web moguls, artists, designers, perfumers, pop stars, divas, and legendary New Yorkers in caftans.

My work has appeared in/on: The New Yorker, The New York Times, The New York Times Magazine, Marie Claire, Elle, The New Republic, GQ, T Magazine, Surface, Grantland, Pacific Standard, New York, Pitchfork, Matter, Billboard, The Wall Street Journal Magazine, PBS, Rolling Stone, NPR's All Things Considered, and elsewhere. I spoke about some of the profile writing work I do on the Longform Podcast in 2015. 

I have two newsletters: The one I write alone about New York and women and a bunch of other things is available here. With my friend Helena Fitzgerald, I run a newsletter about perfume called The Dry Down. We have since expanded the letter into live events (with more projects coming soon!).